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Cobblers   Coffeecake

Who doesn't love a cobbler? Our selection varies seasonally according to the freshest fruits available. Our 9" round size serves at least six; the 9"x12" size serves 8-10 very generously.

$15 and $20 - Two Sizes


Coffeecake is great to serve at any time of day, with coffee or without! Why not treat your co-workers to our delicious coffeecake, it's a crumbly-sweet alternative to doughnuts. Choose from apple and sour cream, orange marmalade, or triple berry. Is your mouth watering?

$3/piece or $10 per pan

Cookies & Bars  

The bakery has a minimum of five different cookies and five different bars to choose from--fresh!! every day. During holidays, watch for specialty items for your parties and gatherings, or just to munch.

Cookies $2.75 each
Bars $3.25



Muffins, Cupcakes, & Scones   Nana's Famous Cinnamon Rolls

We're always creating different muffins, cupcakes, and scones to tempt you. These make a great portable breakfast, snack, or dessert. Try out our different flavors, from sweet to savory!

Muffins & Cupcakes $3.75 each
Decorated Cupcakes $4.00


Nana's Famous Cinnamon Rolls are all moist and delicious, and as with all our products made with the best ingredients available with no preservatives added. But you'll have to choose between "Diet" and "The Works" Cinnamon Rolls--The Works Cinnamon Roll has it all: gooey frosting, cinnamon sugar, raisins and nuts. The Diet Cinnamon Roll has no nuts or raisins.

$3.75 each

Pies & Quiche   Special Order Cakes

We offer a selection of individual pies and quiches every week, our selection will vary depending on the season. Whole pies and quiches are special order items, starting at $18. Please call or e-mail us for details.

Pies $4.00 each - 4" size
                                          Quiche $5.50


Whether you want a homemade cake for a party, or need a special gluten-free cake, we can create one for you.

Our standard decorated cakes are priced as follows: 8"- 2-layer cake $30, 9"- 2-layer cake $40, 1/4 sheet cake $30, 1/2 sheet cake $45, Full sheet cake $90.

Turnovers & Fruit Tarts   Bear Claws

Our turnovers and fruit tarts are made with puff pastry topped or filled with whole fruit, without artificial colorings or flavorings. Pastry selection varies depending on availability and season of fruits.


$3.00 each


Our Bear Claws are made entirely from scratch, one with traditional almond filling and our second is Roy's Special German Chocolate. Just try and keep one for yourself !


$3.50 each

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